We are in the final stretch of the NYS budget battle, so we need everyone to make a strong push on social media from now until the budget is finalized on April 1st!

As you may know, both the NYS Senate and Assembly included $45 million in their one-house budgets as a first step in giving DSPs a living wage. Now it’s up to the Governor.   

We need to Governor to support #bFair2DirectCare in the three way negotiations with the Senate and Assembly.

The #bFair2DirectCare Coalition is asking all members to encourage their families, staff, and self-advocates to tweet and post to Facebook and tag Governor Cuomo EVERY DAY until the final budget has passed! We need to make a strong effort to encourage Governor Cuomo to endorse including the $45 million for DSPs in the final budget agreement.  We want the Governor to get hundreds of tweets/Facebook posts from #bFair2DirectCare supporters every day.

Please use #bFair2DirectCare and @NYGovCuomo in every tweet and post.

Below are some sample posts that you can use:

@NYGovCuomo show NYers with disabilities that you haven’t forgotten about them! #bFair2DirectCare

The NYS Legislature has proven that they’re with us, @NYGovCuomo. Are you? #bFair2DirectCare.

Thanks to the NYS Senate & Assembly for supporting #bFair2DirectCare & a living wage for DSPs! Now it’s up to you @NYGovCuomo!

The NYS Senate and Assembly know direct care workers do more than MINIMUM! Do you, @NYGovCuomo? #bFair2DirectCare

@NYGovCuomo we are in a crisis, but you can fix it! Be our hero and #bFair2DirectCare!

Please #bFair2DirectCare and include $45 million in the final budget so that DSPs can earn a living wage!

Everyone deserves a living wage, especially those who dedicate their lives to helping others! @NYGovCuomo #bFair2DirectCare 

The vacancy rate for DSPs has increased 43% in 2 years! What are you going to do about it @NYGovCuomo? #bFair2DirectCare 

Overtime for DSPs has increased 33.8% since 2014. Some DSPs working 80 hrs/ week just to survive @NYGovCuomo. #bFair2DirectCare 

If you are not already on Twitter, it is easy to sign-up.  Here is how:


  1. Visit twitter.com
  2. One you are on the Twitter website, click on the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner of the webpage.
  3. You will then be asked a few short questions, including your full name, email or phone number, and a password for your account.
  4. Once you’ve answered all of the questions, your Twitter account is complete and you can begin sharing messages with the Governor!