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A message from
Dawn Feniello Bressingham, President
Priority Pension Services, Inc.


CP Nassau is facing unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19.  As a proud Foundation Board Member for this amazing organization, I want to help them in any way I can so I need your help!  

It’s time to name the Priority Pension Services’ Pink Piggy!  Since last year, Pink Piggy has appeared in all of my advertising and she is here to stay!  As an official PPS Team Member, it’s time she gets a name.  Here are the choices:




Now here’s where you come in. Pick your favorite name, send an email to and include your pick in the subject line.  For every vote (email) we receive, I will donate $1 dollar to CP Nassau.  We encourage you to vote often.


Voting begins Friday, May 1st and runs through Friday, May 8th!


 We’ll announce the winning name and donation the week of May 11th!

(BONUS CHALLENGE – Use this opportunity to support other non-profits!  Now more than ever, all non-profits need our help!  Match my donation and give to any non-profit you choose!  Share your story with me at and with your permission, we’ll share on Social Media!) 

Thanks for voting & thanks for your support!!  

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe & Stay Strong