Hello to all CP Nassau Supporters –

The purpose of this correspondence is twofold:

(1)  We wanted to keep you informed of our efforts to launch a Peer-to Peer Campaign among the families/friends/advocates for our individuals. The details, requests and pleas to get the families/friends/advocates involved is in the email below.

(2)  We want to inform YOU of the Virtual Rally planned for WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH @ 11:00AM!!  Please plan on joining us!!  All the login information is listed below!!!!

All the information you need to know is detailed in this email.  The importance of our continued outreach to the Governor is clear.  He has not yet heard our message!  He is decimating our world!  We would greatly appreciate your participation in the Virtual Rally!

Thank you.

Bob and Karen


Hello to all CP Nassau Families/Friends/Advocates –

As indicated on the information below from NYC Fair, a Virtual Rally is planned for WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH @ 11:00AM!!  Please plan on joining us!!  All the login information is listed below!!!!

Unfortunately, Governor Cuomo is still not listening to our factual words or our emotional pleas.  The cuts continue to decimate our world. Your voices and your stories need to be heard.

An email was sent on November 23rd, which announced the launching of a Peer-to-Peer Campaign.  Everyone was asked to PLEASE reply to one of the following: (1) You would be willing to make phone calls to other parents to inform and encourage participation in events such as this one, or (2) Provide permission for your phone number to be shared so another family could contact you.  To date, we have received less than 10 responses!!

At this time, we are examining why we are failing to get this dire message across.  THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!  When our residential programs diminish to the point that no beds are available and our individuals are steered to nursing homes or everyone’s day program stems from the confines of their living room, it might be too late to undo the damage.  The fact that our own program participants created a video with the message that the decision makers are using the COVID pandemic to change and damage the world they live in tells us that our individuals understand the insecurity of their world.  Why can’t we get everyone on board?

We apologize to those who truly understand and have been part of this fight.  We know who has been writing letters, making phone calls and participated in the Mobile Rally.  Who know who you are, we appreciate ALL your efforts and we thank you.  This message is to everyone else.

SO… Please join the Virtual Rally that is planned for WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9TH @ 11:00AM!! 

NYC Fair is asking you to Tell your story:

Send pix of your family members, of the messages on your cars, pix of posters & quick videos for a montage that will be shown during the RALLY!  Send to: info@nycfair.org AND info@cpnassau.org


Here is the info in the NYC Fair Fact Sheet.  It captures so much of the information we have been talking about!!


  • Covid-19 Pandemic has brought enormous loss to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and to the Direct Support Professionals who supports them putting an enormous strain on the voluntary agencies providing critical services to 87% of people with IDD including over 483 people who died due to the pandemic.

  • The Federal Government gave New York State $6B for PPE & other associated costs of dealing with COVID 19. The voluntary agencies received none of this money. Agencies were left on their own to find and pay for PPE in a very competitive environment.

  • DSPs received hazard pay with no reimbursement to agencies; only cuts.

  • Quarantine sites had to be created to isolate the infected . None of these expenses have been reimbursed

  • These costs came on top of years of erosion to the field. There has been no Cost-of-Living Increase for the last ten years. There was a 10% cut in 1992. The rise in the minimum wage meant agencies were in competition with big box stores for workers for a job with huge responsibility and scrutiny.

  • Aug 17, the state started withholding 20% from all bills that are state paid except for rent supplements (in order to avoid evictions).

  • Since Oct. 1 OPWDD lowered the reimbursement to agencies for times when residents either visit their families or are hospitalized. There is no reimbursement for a bed that may be vacant due to a death.

  • Now the Governor is calling for a 5% budget cut.

  • There are more people on the autism spectrum

  • Needs are increasing because of the natural aging process. This growth in need makes the 5% a deeper cut and threatens the system in a profound way.

  • Agencies are already are cutting programs and cutting the beds for which they aren’t being paid. This is leaving individuals who rely on these supports without a lifeline.

  • When normal life returns the Day Programs may not be there.

  • Aging parents are desperate for a placement for their child before an emergency, or their passing leaves their loved one without a home.

  • The Oct. 1 cuts have had an impact on the available beds for those on the emergency needs list of over 1000.

These facts are sobering.  We need to tell the Governor that he is falling our individuals with disabilities.

We thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.  Hope to see all your faces at the Virtual Rally on December 9th @ 11:00am.  And remember to keep your comments in the chat going strong – it is a perfect place to express your factual feeling and express your well founded fears for the future!

Last request:  Please hit reply to RSVP your intention to login on Wednesday, December 9th@ 11:00!

Thank you again…

Bob and Karen


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The Governor & the Legislators need to hear from us about the effect of their cuts

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Tell your story:
Send pix of your family members, of the messages on your cars, pix of posters & quick videos for a montage that will be shown during the RALLY!

Send to: info@nycfair.org


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