All the information about the MOBILE RALLY is detailed below within the email from NYC Fair and the L.I.A.N.D.D.  One main highlight is the following:

The Nassau County meeting stop is NOW EXIT 41, not 39.  We will be meeting in the SEARS Parking Lot.  Exit 41 South, head south on North Broadway for .8 miles. Make a left on Nevada Street (TD Bank on the corner) and after TD Bank turn right into the SEARS Parking Lot.  There will be attendants to guide you on where to park.  Bob and I will meet you in the SEARS Parking Lot with our window markers.  If you purchased your own window markers, please bring them to assist others to write their message – “GOV. CUOMO: DON”T SEND US BACK TO WILLOWBROOK.”

September 17, 2020 marks the 33rd anniversary of the closing of Willowbrook.  The last individual who resided at Willowbrook, the site of such horror, walked out the doors of the now infamous institution.  It is vital to remember that Willowbrook did not begin as a horrific warehouse for humans, Willowbrook eroded over time, increasing the ideal capacity of 4,000 to over 6,000 at the same time the staffing was decreased. The State used the budget crisis as a justification to cut funding. Mario Cuomo said Willowbrook happened because “the government that was aloof, remote and not responsive.”   Déjà vu?  If this feels and sounds familiar and, you do not want to witness history repeating itself, the time to take action is NOW!!!

Join the mobile rally, organized by NYC Fair, a parent advocacy group, to send our message to the leaders who have the power to make changes.  We are only asking the leaders to do the right thing and respect individuals with disabilities and the people who support them!

Please scroll down for all the background details.

The important points to know:

 When:                                                  Thursday, September 17th

 Where & When:                             You have your choice of 3 locations to join the caravan:      

LIE EXIT 63 @8:00 AM
         LIE EXIT 52 @ 8:45 AM       LIE EXIT 41 @9:30 AM

The car caravan for Long Island will travel together and cross the Mario Cuomo Bridge. 

We will be at Exit 41 @ 9:00 with extra White Window Paint to write the words on your back windshield –


Now is the time to strike!  Now is the time to be visible!  Now is the time to make your voices heard!  Our time is running out!!

As soon as we know WHERE off Exit 41 we will be meeting, we will let you know. If you have any other questions, you can call 516-378-2000, 215.

Thank you and see you on Thursday!!!!!

Click HERE to read NYDA Letter to Governor Cuomo






Here’s what we can do

Take pics throughout Rally and post on your Facebook page and the Rally Facebook page,   Post on Twitter, Instagram and/or email to

On Twitter or Instagram please tag Governor Cuomo @NYGovCuomo

Hashtags: #SaveIDDServices,

Write a message to Gov Cuomo on your windshield whether in the parade or not!

Take a picture of your car in front of any special place (from Niagara Falls to the Montauk Lighthouse) to post on Social Media

REMEMBER: Bring a Picture of Your Loved One Or the Person with IDD Who is Important to You

If you can please email and tell us where you’ll join us

Important Guidelines for a Safe, Successful Mobile Rally/Car Parade: CLICK HERE

If you have any questions please contact your Captains:

Suffolk Captains: Exit 63: Fran Kerimian              
Exit 52: Margaret and Kal Raustiala
Nassau Captain:   Exit 40: Terri Manzione            
Westchester Captain: Meri Krassner                   

Staten Island Co-Captains: Kathy Nowak:
Diane Buglioli:

Albany Captain: Barbara Crosier :


We are pleased to pass on a wonderful opportunity for our voices to be heard.  NYC Fair, a family based advocacy group in NY, has organized a MOBILE RALLY to demonstrate that we are a force to be reckoned with; not to be ignored!  There are numerous initiatives being taken by provider agencies, families and individuals with disabilities and this MOBILE RALLY is the most visible and already has media coverage!

New York Disabilities Advocates (NYDA), a coalition of provider associations of which Bob McGuire is a board member, recently sent a letter to Governor Cuomo outlining the difficulties that I/DD providers, such as CP Nassau, have faced during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and voiced strong opposition to the proposed funding cuts, as well as changes to conditions for reimbursement. The most recent assault to our industry, effective October 1, 2020, are cuts in reimbursement for IRA and ICF residential programs. If an individual who resides in an IRA or ICF is hospitalized, visits a family member, goes to camp, or anything else that causes an individual to stay away from the residence overnight, the agency is only going to be reimbursed 50% for the first 96 days; then the agency will be reduced to 0%  reimbursement. The state refers to these days an “non-service days.”  In reality, if someone goes home, the house bills, including staffing, remain the same.  Do you still pay your bills when you go on vacation or are your mortgage and utility bills waived?  If someone is hospitalized,  the cost for the agency oftentimes increases as the agency might staff the hospital if the individual cannot advocate for themselves and the staff provide all the necessary ADLs. In an understaffed hospital environment, these services are greatly welcomed and not considered a luxury for our individuals. Are these services deemed to be unnecessary by the powers that be? You can read a copy of the letter in the attached PDF.

In conjunction with this letter, and capturing the same themes, we have been encouraging the importance of an on-going letter writing campaign as well as calls to all legislators and the Commissioner of OPWDD to our families, our individuals and our staff.

Now it is time for a very visible message.

Place join us on Thursday, September 17th, which is the 33rd anniversary of the closure of Willowbrook by Mario Cuomo. The car caravan for Long Island will meet at one of two locations off the Long Island Expressway,  travel together and cross the Mario Cuomo Bridge.  The first stop is Exit 52 @ 8:45 and the second stop will be Exit 39 @ 9:30. At this moment the meeting place off  Exit 39, Glen Cove Road, is behind a strip mall just north of the LIE.  Assemblywoman Missy Miller will address the crowd before we head off to the Mario Cuomo Bridge.  The plan is to cross over the bridge between 11:30 -12:00, turn around, and travel back the other side.  Details are in the link below: ROUTE INFORMATION AND OTHER DETAILS BELOW.

As you can see from the picture below, we are being asked to write a clear message in our rear car windows – GOV. CUOMO: DON’T SEND US BACK TO WILLOWBROOK!

If you are able, we would greatly appreciate seeing you (and your car) on September 17th @ 9:30, if that is the location best for you.  The larger the caravan, the bigger the media splash, the louder the impact.  We need to be heard!

We will be sending updates as we receive them from NYC Fair to ensure you have the latest and greatest information!