The last many years have seen significant changes in regulations and laws that have imposed new responsibilities on agencies without funding to support these changes.  Our industry has railed again against the continued mandates without financial support for years, yet our concerns have fallen on deaf ears in Albany.  Our most recent effort to ensure appropriate funding for our direct care professionals is captured in the industry’s “BFair2DirectCare” initiative.  (look for more information on this campaign on our CP Nassau website at and  This action, currently spearheaded by former Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg, pleads with the Governor to improve the salaries of Direct Care workers by increasing reimbursement to agencies.

For the 20 years that I have been the Executive Director we have passed along 100% of the reimbursement of salaries to our staff.  In fact, we have increased salaries even when we have not received rate increases.  It’s time for the State to take responsibility to insure that agencies that provide critical services to the children and adults with disabilities receive appropriate funding.

Imagine if the not-for-profit world disappeared and that the State was required to take over for those programs and services currently operating under the not-for-profit umbrella.  The cost to taxpayers would be enormous, however the cost to the children and adults and their families would be unimaginable.

Reach out to our legislators and to the Governor.  Tell them to fund organizations like ours so that we can maintain our services and insure that children and adults with disabilities can continue to benefit from the highest quality programs.  Find contact info for elected officials here: