On May 1, Life Options Virtual Classes invited the Spence Kids (Jahzara, Sekani, and Jahzara Spence) to host a reptile show where they learned saw a Ball Python Snake, a Bearded Dragon, and a Tegu. Wycinna Spence, their proud Mom is a coordinator in the Life Options program.

The Spence Kids spoke about how to care for the reptiles, what they eat, how often they eat, how to maintain their habitat, and why they chose to have the reptiles. Sekani spoke about his special needs bearded dragon and how she had to overcome having her leg amputated. She learned how to walk, run, and climb with three legs. He focused on her ability rather than her disability. They were all happy to share their experiences with their reptiles. The Life Options participants thoroughly enjoyed this interesting session and loved seeing the reptiles and their knowledgeable owners, the Spence Family!

Everyone is grateful to Wycinna and her family for putting together this unique presentation and for taking the time do something so nice and informative and entertaining! We all learned something and made some new friends!