The 2016 Festival was a wonderful way to get the holidays started!  We are so grateful to all the tree designers, entertainers and volunteers who shared their time and talent to make the Festival special with something for all to enjoy!  Our decorate-a-cookie area was so fun and all weekend long kids were enjoying adorning their gingerbread person with colorful icings and toppings among the planes in Hangar 2 at the Cradle of Aviation. Thank you to the culinary students who provided the gorgeous homemade gingerbread creations on display! We are grateful to the bakeries and other  donors who generously provided trimmings!  The entertainment in the Red Planet Café was wonderful from start on Friday to the bagpipe finish on Sunday!  We were glad to have so many unique vendors with us and know that lots of attendees were glad to get a jump on their holiday shopping lists while avoiding the crowds at the mall!  We cannot say enough about the stunning display of trees, (tall and small) we were so pleased to have on display for all to enjoy!  Dept. 56 collectors were certainly in their glory with the magnificent selection of pieces to choose from at our beautiful shop!  The creativity of all our designers was just amazing and truly put everyone in the holiday spirit from the little kids who couldn’t take their eyes off the Train Tree and the Star Wars tree to the oohs and aahs we over heard from all the grown-ups who could not decide which of all the other trees they loved the most, all were so beautiful and amazing!

A special thank you to the 501st Legion’s Empire City Garrison who made our Star Wars Saturday incredible!

Special thanks to John Reid of Epic Balloons for the EPIC Imperial Walker from Star Wars that he made on-site at the Cradle with over 500 hand twisted balloons!!!

We could not organize this event without the help of hundreds of volunteers who gave their time during the set-up and during the actual event!  Thank you one and all for your cheerful, dedicated service.  Thank you to all who attended this year’s event!  We wish you all the happiest of holidays!