Speak Up for HCBS Funding the Senate Left Out of Its 4th COVID-19 Proposal – TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

On July 28, Senate Republicans released their draft legislation as a counter-proposal to the HEROES Act, which passed the Democratic-controlled House.   While the Senate proposal contained some good provisions for disability providers, it did not include  OUR #1 PRIORITY or any additional funding for HCBS supports and services.  It also did not include state or local governments or funding that is critical to prevent 20% cuts in New York.

Therefore, our federal colleagues at ANCOR have asked us to send a New York ADVOCACY ALERT to Senator Schumer and the New York Congressional delegation URGING SENATOR SCHUMER, as the Senate Minority Leader, to ensure that additional HCBS funding for I/DD supports and services are included in the final 4th COVID-19 Relief package!

If you have already taken action at the ANCOR action tool, PLEASE ALSO use the NYS action tool so that your voice can be heard  TWICE!!!

TO TAKE ACTION AND READ MORE CLICK HERESpeak Up for HCBS Funding the Senate Left Out of Its 4th COVID-19 Proposal or on FACEBOOK at  www.facebook.com/cerebralpalsyofnys