Thunderbolts Sports Team — -A competitive sports team for adult athletes with disabilities over age 21.

The Nassau Thunderbolts from Blake Schulze Photography on Vimeo.


Trained, determined, and hungry to win…

The Thunderbolts are intent on making a name for CP Nassau and themselves in the sporting world.

Freeman McNeil, Marty Lyons and Ted Banker, former N.Y. Jets, met personally with the Thunderbolts. They applauded the team for their outstanding achievements and recognized their advancements for the world of disabled sports. “Your determination is a source of inspiration for us all,” declared Mr. Banker.


Individual training sessions and sport related training culminate for The Thunderbolts in an intense, four hour work-out every Saturday morning in the CP Nassau fitness center and multipurpose room. Under supervision of the coaching squad, the athletes push the limits of their endurance and strength to redefine peak physical performance.

The advantage of nautilus equipment designed to match their specific needs and the support of on-site therapists makes the Thunderbolts fit, focused and a formidable force in disabled sports.

Backed with more than a decade of experience and a thorough knowledge of NDSA’s 125-page rule book, Thunderbolt trainers are recognized as leaders in sports for the disabled. Notably, Head Coach Hodge was selected to train the U.S. Powerlifting Team in Sydney, Australia for the Paralympics in 2000.


The Thunderbolts continue to train and excel in weight lifting and field events but have set their sights on becoming the nation’s number one boccia team. Growing popularity over the Italian lawn game has made competition rise into a new level of excellence. Unlike other NDSA sports, boccia is not divided into level of disability or weight classes. Strategy and raw ability are the only determining factors.

Up against the U.S. Boccia Team at the 1999 and 2001 National Sports Festival, the Thunderbolts were in top competitive form, nabbing a gold and silver medal – an impressive feat for a team that is just starting to exhibit its potential. Not only did the Thunderbolts win the quarter finals, but they beat the powerhouse U.S. Boccia Team in the semi-finals. Since then, the Thunderbolts have been represented on Team USA twice. Once in Porto, Portugal by Mark Paramidani and a second time by Barbara Seamon at the America’s Cup in Topeka, Kansas. Charlie Fleisch will soon be representing the Thunderbolts on Team USA at the World Boccia Championships in New Zealand.

Head Coach

Mary C. Hodge

Assistant Head Coach

Troy McPherson


Kathy Murphy

Ken Siderine

Jeffrey Dean

Troy McPherson
Track & Field

James Thomson

Elvis Trenchfield
Field & Boccia

Calling themselves The Thunderbolts, the CP Nassau sports team burst onto regional meets 14 years ago, making a powerful statement – winning top place in the 60-meter weave, shot put and distance kick sanctioned by the National Disability Sports Alliance (NDSA).

Now competing in both regional and national competitions the Thunderbolts have racked up on impressive 200 plus silver and gold medals since their inceptions. With over 1,000 athletes participating in NDSA events, the Thunderbolts are quickly becoming a premier team to be reckoned with at any competition they participate in.

The team achieved national kudos when captain Randy Mitchell flexed his muscles and destroyed the old U.S. powerlifiting record in his weight class in 1997. The national record holder has worn the Thunderbolts uniform at the World Games, a precursor to the Paralympics Games – disabled sports equivalent to the Olympics, in Dubai, Saudi Arabia.

Watch out for the Thunderbolts as they make headlines into the next millennium. What’s next is yet to be seen, but count on it being something you won’t want to miss.