The department of Psychology/Traumatic Brain Injury Services at CP Nassau works with adults who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (i.e. head injuries, strokes, anoxia, brain tumors, mild dementias and other medical illnesses).  The program is available to individuals with a recent injury or illness as well as those who are further post-injury.

Connections Programprogram-psychtbi

This community reintegration and socialization program is for adults who have sustained a brain injury, stroke or have another neurologically related disorder.  The program is located in a building on the CP Nassau campus that replicates a residential home.  Consumers attend the program on various days each week and participate in an array of goal-oriented and enjoyable activities including:

  • ADL Skills Training
  • Support and Self-advocacy Groups
  • Managing Personal Finances
  • Community Inclusion Trips
  • Current Events Discussions
  • Sexuality Groups

Computers and Assistive Technology

State-of-the-art computers and adaptive equipment are available to all program participants. Computers are often used with individual therapies and groups. Treatment may focus on remediating memory, visual processing, reading, math, attention and problem solving.

Café Connections

This prevocational program is located in the CP Nassau staff cafeteria. Training for the Café includes basic job and interpersonal skills needed for work in customer service.

TBI Waiver Services

The Psychology/TBI Program is an approved provider of the following TBI Medicaid Waiver Services:

  • Structured Day Programs
  • Community Integration Counseling
  • Service Coordination
  • Independent Living Skills Training

Payments accepted include Medicare, Medicaid and Third party insurance. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact:
Psychology/TBI Services at (516) 378-2000, ext. 314 or medical department at ext. 265