program-guardianshipThe NCPA Guardianship Corporation is made up of board members, family members, and the President, Vincent Russo, an attorney who has been a champion and an advocate for people with disabilities and their families since 1985.

The purpose of the corporation is to be designated by the family to either be a primary or stand by guardian of the person when the present guardian passes away and there is no one to step in.

The NCPA guardian provides assurance that decisions are made in the best interest of the individual by:

  • Accessing good health care and medical supports
  • Ensuring appropriate residential and day programming
  • Exploring appropriate employment or vocational needs
  • Fulfilling religious wishes
  • Offering social and recreational opportunities
  • Providing financial guidance and legal support

The family makes a financial commitment to the corporation by providing a payment in full or through an insurance policy. In some cases, families leave their houses to NCPA.


In New York State, parents of persons with developmental disabilities are considered the guardians of their children until their eighteenth (18) birthday. After a person reaches 18 years of age, he or she is assumed to be legally competent and able to manage his or her own affairs.

Guardianship is an alternative that enables parents and relatives to plan for their loved one who may require assistance in managing their personal, medical and/or financial needs. Advocates, known as guardians, may be legally designated to act in the best interest of the individual with a disability. A guardian offers protection and support to vulnerable individuals by making decisions, respecting the individual’s values and preferences and ensuring the individual’s basic human rights as well as accessing benefits and entitlements.

After the age of 18, a guardian must be appointed by the court. Legal guardianship cannot be granted from, or specified in, a will.

“I designated the guardianship corporation as guardian for my child who resides in a NCPA home and is a Life Options program participant.   My child has had many medical issues for which the corporation has made decisions. I am very happy about the arrangement. It is a relief for me to know that the NCPA Guardianship program exists because there is no one else who would care for my child when I am not here.” — A Relieved Parent

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