Life Options is an exciting and innovative program which offers adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to find achievement and satisfaction on a very personal level by allowing them to develop life skills and abilities.

Participants in the Life Options program are involved in Learning Modules where they choose activities of interest as per the schedule of activities developed by the consumers themselves. In addition, participants are involved in Community Inclusion activities several times a month that enhances their learning experience.

Life Options offers participants the opportunity to try out new experiences, to have direct input into program services offered, the ability to make informed choices and to expand their horizons.

Participants create a customized schedule from the array of learning modules developed through a brainstorming process. Individualized therapeutic needs are included in each participant’s customized schedule. Participants go from one learning site to another based upon the individualized schedule that he/she develops. For some Learning Modules, a core curriculum will be developed leading to a Certificate of Completion of a particular skill or area. Guest lecturers, field trips and experiential learning modules are used to assist consumers in gaining the desired skills/knowledge base.

Life Options facilitates community and socialization skills by enhancing the participant’s ability to converse about current events, to debate public policy and, yes, to be able to quote statistics and facts about why the Mets (Yankees) are the best baseball team around.  Knowledge, information and the ability to share that with others are what inclusion and community integration is all about. Life Options enables participants to progress at their own pace, in areas that are of interest to them and in an environment conducive to the learning process.