Sandra Atlas Bass Honored with the Horace Hagedorn Philanthropist of the Year Award

Sandra Atlas Bass has been providing generous support for deserving organizations all over Long Island and beyond for decades.  The consumer cafeteria at CP Nassau is named for Sandra as a result of her generosity in establishing this space that is enjoyed daily and has been for years by hundreds of adults in our programs.  For decades, Ms. Bass has been providing generous support to CP Nassau that has certainly made a great impact on our ability to carry out our mission of providing the highest quality programs and services to the children and adults that we assist.  Bob McGuire, CP Nassau Executive Director nominated Ms. Bass for this award given by the Association of Fundraising Professionals of Long Island.  We were thrilled that she was selected to receive this very well-deserved recognition at a luncheon ceremony on November 18th at the Melville Marriott.

Our CP Nassau singers, known as Creation sang at the ceremony, dedicating two special chosen songs to Ms. Bass.  David Tindal sang “What a Beautiful World” and Meryl Jackelow sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  Both received standing ovations from the audience of over 300. CP Nassau also had an exhibit table at the event showcasing the Sandra Atlas Bass Consumer Cafeteria and offering samples of a dish made exclusively for the day, pulled turkey with cranberry compote on a cornbread crostini with toasted sage.

Through financial assistance from her family foundation and compassion from her good and caring heart, life has been made better for people and animals in every community here in Nassau and Suffolk. The compilation of beneficiaries reads like the A-Z listings in a phone book and include the healthcare system, organizations that assist individuals with disabilities, children and family support programs, homeless assistance agencies, environmental causes, animal welfare, and religious organizations.  Ms. Bass has stated that it is her desire to make a difference in this world by helping people and animals to lead healthier and happy lives.  The benevolence shown by Ms. Bass in all her magnanimous giving and humanitarian efforts on behalf of all in need has clearly made a positive difference in thousands of lives and in so doing, made our a world a better place.

We at CP Nassau are extremely thankful, grateful and appreciative of the goodness Sandra has shown to us.  We congratulate her on being recognized with the Horace Hagedorn Philanthropist of the Year Award and salute her for her goodness to us and to all!