Dear All:

As you know, CP of NYS is a founding member of NYDA, formerly COPA, which now includes all of the I/DD provider associations working together.  NYDA hired a lobby firm and  a PR firm and we have been working with all of our behavioral health, addiction, human service, etc. association colleagues (as suggested by the Governor’s office) on the 3for5 campaign to invest/increase rates by 3% a year for the next five years.

We continue to meet with the Governor’s staff, Senate and Assembly.  The Senate & Assembly one-House budget proposals will be released next week.  We are currently hearing that the Senate will not include any 3for5 funding in their one-House budget.  The Assembly seems more supportive but that is no guarantee that there will be funding or that it will be on the priority list for items necessary to conclude budget negotiations by April 1st.    Additionally, we are still waiting on the MRT II final proposals/cuts and the Governor has asked the State Comptroller to revise revenue projections due to the Corona virus.  All of which will provide further excuses why there is no funding.


Please forward to all of your staff, families & volunteers and ask them to call & write!




WHO: New York Disability Advocates, as members of the 3for5 Campaign, are calling upon the NYS Senate, Assembly and the Governor to commit to an annual investment of 3% for the next five years in systems that comprise New York’s human services sector including agencies that support people with disabilities.

WHY: For more than a decade, (with the exception of a 0.2% COLA) New York’s human services sector hasn’t received the annual cost of living adjustments in the State Budget. Many programs, supports and services are at or near a crisis level. The fiscal sustainability of some providers is in jeopardy.

WHEN: The Assembly and Senate will soon release their one-house budget measures and the 3for5Campaign is calling upon legislators to the support a 3% increase annually for 5 years.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Over the next two weeks, advocacy is key! Therefore, CALL & write your Senator and Assemblymember AND ASK THEM TO SUPPORT 3FOR5!

Below are talking points for phone calls and a letter to send to your local Legislators.

Please call the Assembly Switchboard at 518-455-4100 and ask to be connected with your Assemblymember’s Office.

If you don’t know who your Assemblymember is, go to:


Please call the Senate Switchboard at 518-455-2800 and ask to be connected to your Senator’s Office.

If you don’t know who your Senator is, go to:  or


  • TELL THEM:  
    • My name is
    • I am a(n) [employee, parent, advocate, etc.] at [Insert Provider Agency]
    • I am your constituent.

I am calling to urge you to support our 3for5 campaign for an annual 3% increase for 5 years, for nonprofit human services providers in New York State and here’s why:

  • For the past decade, nonprofits that support people with developmental disabilities have been asked to do more with less with $2.6Billion in cuts and $5Billion in lost revenues due to deferred COLA’s/Medicaid Trends. OPWDD, which provides services identical to those provided by nonprofit providers, has increased its state-operated program rates by an average of 3% a year.
  • Nonprofit providers deliver approximately 85% of the day-to-day services for the more than 140,000 New Yorkers with developmental disabilities.
  • While there have been cuts and no increases, they have been forced to absorb increased costs in all areas of operations.
  • This has led to unsustainable staff vacancy and turnover rates and have brought many providers to the brink of insolvency.
  • In a recent survey, 1/3 of providers reported having just 2 pay periods worth of cash on hand.
  • On top of all this, the OPWDD Commissioner stated publicly that there will be a 2% rate cut effective July 1st of this year – all the more reason we need 3for5!

Our ask: 

  • Without your commitment to include 3for5 in this year’s budget, these nonprofit agencies are at serious risk of closure or program reductions impacting tens of thousands of employees and individuals receiving services.
  • [Give your own examples of why 3for5 is critical to you.]
  • Thank you for your consideration. I sincerely hope that you will lend your support and strongly advocate for the inclusion of 3for5 in the Assembly’s/Senate’s one house budget.

Download Letter to Legislators