Next week the  Polar Bear will be in town to met with Coach Grill and Tavern, Jack Halyards and Sweet Tomato to work out the details of our first-ever soup tasting and contest!






Joanne Weber from the Oyster Bay East Norwich school district will help get flyers about the Plunge distributed to students in the district!









Gail from Funni Business Toys Store on Audrey Ave told the Polar Bear that store owner Patricia Porco will be donating a raffle prize for the Plunge and he can pick it up next week!









Jimmy from Carvel was going to hang the Plunge poster in the store and said that he knows lots of his Carvel customers have done the Plunge in the past and are planning on doing it March 13th!

DSC_1264 DSC_1266








The guys from Nobman’s hardware store support the Plunge and are donating a raffle prize!

DSC_1286 DSC_1289










Angela and Victoria from Chrison & Bellina welcomed the Polar Bear into their beautiful boutique!  Owner Catherine Drabin has generously offered a raffle prize for the event!

DSC_1295 DSC_1306










Karen Bunone, the Executive Gallery Director at LI Picture Frame and Art Gallery showed the Polar Bear around the beautiful gallery!  How wonderful to see all the amazing and unique art on display!  The fascinating art by Mort Kunstler, known as “America’s Artist” featuring a lot of Oyster Bay history was so inspiring!  Loved the Beatles framed pieces, the NYC themed pieces and a lot of the sports stuff too.  What a cool place!  Owner Jim Perna is kindly donating something for the raffle too.









So grateful to Atlantic Steamer Fire Company for all their support over the years! The hot dogs they donate and cook and serve each year are amazing!  Can’t wait for this year!