The Nassau Thunderbolts competed at the National Boccia Championships this past July 23-28th in San Antonio , Texas.

It was by far the furthest domestic destination the team has competed in causing Coaches Troy McPherson & Ken Siderine to drive across the country for 4 days with the team equipment/luggage/power wheelchairs & all other essentials needed to ensure safe arrival  to San Antonio.

The rest of the team flew from NY to San Antonio on 7/23.

The team competed in two divisions:  Team/Pair play AND Individual play.

Team/ Pair play competed first seeing Pair:

Pair : Charlie Fleisch /Danny Dalton won a silver medal

Team  : Brian Zacarias/Keith Haarmann won a Silver Medal

Team: Rafael de Jesus won a Gold Medal

In Individual Play:

Charlie Fleisch – Silver

Rafael DeJesus-Gold

Brian Zacarias- Bronze