PHOTO caption:  Pat Quinn from CP Nassau (left)  joins Grayce Nix (in front of table) and Access Club members at the bake sale.  Club Moderator, Gina Esposito is second from right
Grayce Nix, a student at Nassau Community College (NCC) and a member of the Access Club, organized a bake sale on St. Patrick’s Day that was held in the student center. When planning the sale, Grayce spoke to her fellow club members about her positive experiences as a youngster when she was a student at The Children’s Learning Center at the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County.  Grayce suggested that the funds raised from the bake sale be donated to CP Nassau and her fellow members agreed.
Grayce got in touch with Pat Quinn in the Development Department at the Agency and let her know about the sale, Pat was so appreciative and so impressed that she told Grayce she would come by and personally thank all the Access members for their interest and support.  Pat reports, “It was so wonderful to see Grayce, I knew her as a little girl when she attended the CLC.  It was amazing to her see her all grown up now and in college. Grayce told me that she enjoys school and her writing class is among her favorites and that she hopes to become a motivational writer and encourage people with CP to go for their dreams.”  Pat expressed special thanks to all the club members on behalf of all at CP Nassau and invited them to come for a visit to meet the people they were helping.
The Access Club works to heighten the awareness of students and faculty regarding the rights, needs, and responsibilities of students who happen to have a disability. The club meets biweekly to discuss student experiences and plan events that promote the club mission. The club presents career programs and a disability awareness program for the campus community at large.