Bill Bloom is a musical minister who sees no conflict with his religious beliefs and his impressive musical accomplishments, both spiritual and secular. These include being the Minister of Music at the United Christian Church in Levittown, Bucks County, but also writing and producing, with co-writer Frankie Smith, the platinum-selling hip-hop recording, “Double Dutch Bus.”

He is the musical minister of Maura Wachsberger daughter’s (Grace Sanna) church in Levittown, Pennsylvania and that is how he came to CP Nassau’s ZOOM session as a guest speaker and singer.

When asked about this seeming contradiction last week, Bloom said, “Interestingly, in my studies I learned that West Africans don’t make a distinction between sacred and secular. Everything is considered sacred. Since I see everything and everyone as having value I like to think of everything as sacred.”

Bill states, “I consider myself a follower of Jesus or anyone, for that matter, who is grounded, in faith and action, in the golden rule. Love others the way we want to be loved.”

Bill, we loved having you share your wisdom and talent with us and are truly grateful!