Symong Choi , Physical Therapy Supervisor at the Children’s Learning Center at the Cerebral Palsy Association (CP Nassau)was able to get some much needed protective masks for use by our frontline workers through people who attend his church (Queens Presbyterian English Ministry at KAPCQ),

Symong reports, “The way we reached the donors was with help from one of my church deacons, her name is Maggie Lee, who knew of some people in her community in Tenafly NJ that were donating masks to local hospitals and some of the hospitals in NYC. Through Maggie’s efforts we were able to connect within Justin Zhang and to Rita Jiang for the donations of masks for CP Nassau.”

To quote Justin Zhang, “We are just doing what little we can to help the community during this difficult time – our relatives in China have access to a mask factory and they were eager to help too.”

We are grateful to every single person who helped!