Ross Levine of L&L painting stopped by CP Nassau on April 29 with 150 cases of special water and a carton of 500 N95 masks! Along with his brother and sister, Ross (photo: in the middle) run two construction related companies L&L Painting Company and VMR Civil.

Ross reports. “Through our relationship with Bedgear and the Bedgear foundation, we were able to procure N95 masks that we (L&L and Bedgear) are donating to various hospitals and facilities throughout Long Island. Jointly we are donating approximately 20,000 n95 masks.”

In addition, the Levine family is involved with a water company called WANU that is currently being provided to front line workers and potentially patients because of the beneficial effects to the immune system. Millions of bottles are being provided to our front line workers.

His organization decided to match our combined mask donation by also donating 20,000 bottles of water throughout Long Island. We are so very thankful for this amazing caring and generosity!