For their 12th birthdays, instead of a birthday parade, Bayville residents Lizzie Watson and Liz Madden asked family and friends to donate snacks to the staff at CP Bayville. They delivered a heaping pile of all sorts of goodies, and treats for the hardworking frontline staff at CP Bayville.

Amy Watson, Lizzie’s mother is the chairman of the Foreign Language department at Locust Valley High School, which is the high school for Bayville as well. She and her family have coordinated food drives in the village for families who need help. Last year when Amy was the principal at Locust Valley Intermediate School, students there wrote Valentine’s Day cards to the residents at CP Bayville.

Lizzie and Liz, we hope your birthday was happy and that the year to come is filled with the kind of JOY you brought to the staff at CP Bayville.
You are two very special young ladies who are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!