Dear Friends of CP Nassau,

We are so pleased to announce that CP Nassau will be celebrating 70 years of dedicated service to individuals with disabilities during 2018!  There will be many festivities planned, new banners will be flying, art projects will be created and so much more.

One of the projects we are embarking upon is an effort to capture and memorialize your significant memories and moments.  As such, we are reaching out to you so you can help us with this request.

Help Us Celebrate CP Nassau’s 70th Anniversary in a Meaningful Way.

Can we ask you to spend a few minutes and answer 2 questions…

  1. During all the years you have been involved with CP Nassau, can you share at least one memory that had an impact on your life? Perhaps the life of a loved one?   Maybe there was a moment when you witnessed the work that is accomplished at the Agency.  Perhaps you saw the Mission, which is to provide the highest quality services, in action.  Perhaps you had your hand held during a tough time or experienced the cheers of support.  In life, as we all know, there are highs and lows.  A mother describing how she felt the first time her child communicated with her using a communication device is a moment that is never forgotten.  Unfortunately, the same is true when we needed to close our Pre vocational Program due to NYS mandates.  So, whatever your experience, please share the one(s) that are near and dear to you.


  1. The second question focuses on the last five years.  We have a magnificent historical timeline that portrays all the significant events for the first 65 years; from 1948-2013.  We are going to continue this timeline to bring us to the present – 70 years of CP Nassau!  To ensure that we capture all the important events, please share with us any and all events that you believe should be depicted on our timeline for the last five years.


You can send your memories to our new dedicated email at

If you prefer to chat, you can always contact me at 378-2000, extension 215.

We would greatly appreciate hearing from you by the end of January 2018 so we can begin to gather and memorialize all your memories.

Thank you in advance.  We are looking forward to celebrating with you.

Karen Geller-Hittleman

Karen Geller-Hittleman, Chair
CP Nassau 70th Anniversary Planning Committee