Matthew Creedon spent most of his growing up years in Bayville. He recently graduated from law school and was living in New York City when the pandemic happened. As Matt tells us, “Inspiration for the birdhouse fundraiser came about in early April after the New York Times published their heart-rending article concerning the outbreak of COVID-19 at the care facility for individuals with Cerebral Palsy in my hometown of Bayville.”

Matt decided to leave the city for awhile and stay with my parents in Bayville. He was doing quite a bit of woodworking projects around the house and had a good deal of red cedar on hand.

He had made birdhouses as gifts in the past and thought it would be a nice idea to make a batch and see if he could sell them to raise money to donate to the CP Bayville. Matt asked a few friends and family if they would be interested and received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response.

In the following days he built fifteen birdhouses with rainbow painted roofs. Matt asked for a suggested donation of twenty-dollars per birdhouse, with the hopes of raising a total of three-hundred dollars, but in an amazing display of kindness from all those involved, double that amount was raised and that Matt added his own donation. Matt plans to make more birdhouses for CP Bayville and for the grounds at CP Nassau and we all look forward to having these beautifully crafted pieces to enjoy.

Matt came to Bayville to deliver his donation check of $750 and met Executive Director, Bob McGuire; Assistant Executive Director, Karen Geller Hittleman; Medical Director, Dr. Michael De Angelis and many of the managers from CP Bayville who were seated outside for a socially distant meeting. Everyone expressed their thanks to Matt for his thoughtfulness in sharing his time and talent to help.

Matt told the group, “ I find the work that you and your peers have devoted yourselves to at CP Nassau to be incredibly inspiring, and I feel fortunate that I was able to help your mission in this small way.”