Special Blessings this Holiday Season
A Time to Give….A Time to Give the Gift of Giving

We teach our children best by example and through repetition.  But what do we want them to learn?  What do we hope for our children, their children and future generations – a kinder, gentler world?  Then we need to teach our children the joy of giving, the importance of giving, and how to give responsibly.

At the present, our consumer capitalism in America has become an “affluenza” epidemic.  The American culture encourages people to value themselves on their consumer power and material possessions, thus causing a dysfunctional relationship with self-esteem.  Affluenza leads to psychological disorders, societal alienation and stress – is this what we want for our children?  And those who inherit wealth are even more at risk to be consumed with guilt, with no life meaning, empty and unfulfilled. . . .

Charity does begin at home – it begins with sharing with the next generations the values and responsibilities that define us as human beings – and CP Nassau’s Special Blessings™ program is structured to not only provide the donor with tax benefits, but each year for five years it gives a double gift to the recipient of a monetary sum for them to spend and the lesson and reminder of a charitable gift made in their name that will bring hope and enable services and programs at CP Nassau.  This is also an easy way for you to ensure future gifts each year in case you are unable to do so later.

And how should you start your social investment program?  Before investing your money you surely research the return on investment, performance and financial management.  This is applicable to charities as well.  Choosing CP Nassau as your charity to support is based on sound fiscal responsibility – it is wise social investing.  Few charities have as high a percentage of funds utilization as does ucpn.  Over 90% of every dollar contributed to CP Nassau is used to fund programs and services, with very little used for administrative overhead and fundraising expenses.  Given that the majority of charities in the US spend 40% or more on fundraising expenses, a gift to CP Nassau is an excellent choice.

To make a Special Blessings gift, please call (516-378-2000 x205) or email us (info@cpnassau.org) and we will send you the appropriate paperwork.  When we receive your instructions and payment, we will send a special CP Nassau gift card to your chosen recipient for the occasion you select, be it a holiday, a special day or achievement, or an annual remembrance or tribute.  We will also send you a letter detailing your tax-deductible contribution.

A Special Blessing™ gift of $5,000.00 or more can also be acknowledged with membership in CP Nassau’s Heritage Society.

Give the Gift that Gives and Gives…