We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. 

— Winston Churchill

planned-givingAdding Value to Your Charitable Gift with Planned Giving

Planned Giving and Estate Planning are the most cost-effective means of promoting and securing major gifts to CP Nassau to help build its endowment and its future. This form of charitable giving provides a gift in two ways—the charity receives the financial assistance it needs to operate and the donor receives the piece of mind that they are protecting their valuable assets from income and estate taxes.

There are many vehicles that can be beneficial to CP Nassau and to your family. One of the easiest ways is supporting CP Nassau through your will by establishing a bequest. There are four easy ways to accomplish this scenario. The first is a general bequest of a certain percentage of your estate coming to CP Nassau. The second is a residuary bequest that allows CP Nassau to receive the remainder of your estate after all specific bequests have been made. The third is a contingent bequest that provides for the distribution of property in the event one or more of your named beneficiaries does not survive you. The final one is the life income bequest that will provide your loved ones a lifetime income, while it assures an eventual gift to CP Nassau.

Another great way to help CP Nassau is through a gift annuity. This allows the donor to receive a substantially larger return over the life of this gift. Annuity payments can be made to one or two person and present rates are usually 3 to 8% more than bank certificates. The donor also receives an immediate tax benefit and the annuity income may be tax-free. The rates are set by an actuary and require a minimum of $5,000. The interest rate is based on the age of the donor and the donor must be at least 50-years of age.

As you can see there are many options out there. If you are interested, please contact Leonard Weil for assistance.

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Charitable Giving from IRA’s

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