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You can run, walk, roll or stroll!

All funds raised go to CP Nassau’s playground project and MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) program.

Participants and sponsors welcome!

CP Nassau 5K Event –
Goal of $50,000 will be Met and SURPASSED!!!

Thanks to the tremendous energy and enthusiasm our event participants and donors have shown, we are within dollars of meeting our established goal of $50,000 for use on the re-build of our fully –adapted playground, Theresa’s Fun Place and funds for our school’s MOVE (Mobility Opportunities Via Education) program!!  Additional funds of $7,000 represent the generosity and support of our event sponsors:  Vanguard, Russo Law Group, Pegalis & Erickson and Garfunkel Wild.  Major congrats and thanks to our current top fundraisers: Vincent Russo, Sophia Ginos, Jill Bernstein, Kevin Levy, Diana Gutierrez and Karen Geller-Hitttleman.  We are super grateful to everyone who has contributed to the success of this event!  See you on race day, this Sunday, November 5th at Eisenhower Park.  Still time to register and to donate at https://www.generosityseries.com/charities/nassau-cerebral-palsy-association/generosity-long-island–new-york/



Homecoming Celebration at the Children’s Learning Center Welcomes Roosevelt HS Students and 5K Sponsors and Top Fundraisers – Click here to learn more!!


Sophia Ginos, MA, LMHC the Director of Psychology and the TBI Program here at CP Nassau and is a member of the 5K event committee.  Here is what Sophia has to say about why she is involved with this new CP Nassau event:

“It’s been an exciting journey to reach out to all of my family and friends to ask for support for the place I’ve called my work home for 16 years!  The CLC project is the perfect example of CP Nassau’s continued efforts to improve the quality of life for our children and adults.  Tremendous gratitude goes out to my donors from Brooklyn, my family, friends of friends and those who even helped raise the money.  See you on Nov. 5th! ”  

Team Speechtacular is made up of speech pathologists who work with students from the Children’s Learning Center at CP Nassau.  They are all working hard raising funds!  Here is what 3 had to says about why they are doing the 5K:

“Exploring various environments through play is key for language development.  By giving our students more opportunities for moving around while playing, our students can have more opportunities to explore and learn. “ – Laura Belluomo

“All children deserve happy and healthy childhoods – our children are no different.  I’m running to raise money for our adaptive playground, so our kids can enjoy the outdoors and the activities that they deserve.”  – Jeannie Hynes

As it has been said, “Play is the work of childhood.” Every child should be given that “job.” Every child should be given the opportunity. And every child should feel as if they belong, despite their differences. A new accessible playground will put our students to “work.”Sarah Wingenfeld


Here is what some our Occupational Therapists have to say about why they are doing the CP Nassau 5K:

“I’m participating in the 5k to represent all the kids that brighten my life on a daily basis.  I think it’s important for them to get a playground that suitable for their needs and I can’t wait to see them play, laugh and grow on the new playground!” 

-Kaitlyn Norwood

“I am participating in the 5k in order to give our students a new playground to look forward to using every day. It is important to me as an OT to see the students be as independent as possible on their new playground while still having fun!”

-Danielle DeMarco

Theresa’s Fun Place at the Children’s Learning Center
at CP Nassau

Over 250 children, students at the Children’s Learning Center, enjoy this fully adapted playground summer, fall and spring.  They enjoy the musical garden and mini-baseball field as well.

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Play has been called “the work of children” because it is through play that children learn how to interact in their environment, discover their interests, and acquire cognitive, motor, speech, language, and social-emotional skills (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2007). Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional skills and strengths. Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that children, beginning at a very early age, engage and interact in the world around them.

Outdoor play is much more than just fun, it’s necessary to help kids be physically fit and healthy. When kids are playing, they are learning reflexes and movement control, developing fine and gross motor skills and increasing flexibility and balancing skills. On top of that, when kids are involved in physical activity, they’re building stronger muscles and improving bone density, improving heart and lung function and preventing obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol.  Our adapted playground will allow for ALL children of ALL abilities to reap these benefits. 

Theresa’s Fun Place

The CLC Playground has been around for as long as anybody can remember.  Some parts of the large structure are estimated to be about 20 years old. In 2004, with funding from the Theresa Russo Foundation, the area was beautifully revitalized and named Theresa’s Fun Place in honor and memory of Theresa Russo a beloved CLC student who passed away.  The Russo family was so happy with their daughter’s experience at the CLC that they have continued to be incredibly supportive.

The Future – A Re-Built Playground

The playground has provided years of fun and happy times for thousands of children with developmental disabilities. Time has taken its toll and the playground is in need of repair and refurbishing.  A committee comprised of teachers, administrators, educational specialists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists have decided that it would be best to completely remove and get rid of the existing play structure and old ramps, and replace them with new, more functional, more inclusive, safer, modern equipment. With new equipment and improved accessibility, our playground will once again be a playground for all abilities. A playground where students in equipment such as manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, standers, gait trainers, KidWalks, Upsees, etc. can play alongside their more able bodied peers and experience the joys of play.


Sway Fun® Glider (16″)

Sway Fun from Landscape Structures is a playground glider for people of all abilities. This unique accessible playground equipment is completely wheelchair accessible, and fun for lots of passengers on the playground. You roll your wheelchair right into the glider and then  use your arm muscles to get it moving.  This commercial playground equipment gives years of outdoor play for everyone.  There is room for two wheelchairs, plus two large benches for other passengers, plus a play table with cup holders and wheelchair handholds.

Click here to view the Sway Fun in action at another playground!



Soon students from the CLC will be able to enjoy the thrill of a seesaw on the new “We Saw!”

Click here to learn more!

Here is what the new roller table with sensory wall will look like!



Call 516-378-2000 ext 355 for more information.


The Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County:
A Vital Resource for Individuals with Disabilities

The Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County Inc., (CP Nassau) was established in 1948 as a small, outpatient health clinic by parents that wanted a better life for their children.  Over six decades later, CP Nassau has earned distinction as one of the nation’s preeminent non-profit health care agencies in the country.

Today, CP Nassau reaches out to neighbors in communities throughout Long Island.  The agency is an essential resource to over 1,500 children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.

CP Nassau serves individuals with cerebral palsy as well as those challenged by a variety of other disabilities.  It is a primary choice of care for persons with traumatic brain injury, speech delay, mental retardation and other moderate to profound disabilities. At CP Nassau, there is access to the most effective therapies, state-of-the-art technologies, primary care and medical specialists in a variety of fields.

Over 250 children, ages 2 – 21, are enrolled at The Children’s Center at CP Nassau.  In addition to customized educational programs, students enjoy weekly sessions of music therapy, art therapy, adapted computer instruction and adapted gym.  There is a wonderful, fully-adapted playground and recreation area for all to enjoy on the CP Nassau campus.

For more information, call 516-378-2000 ext. 648 or visit www.cpnassau.org


November 5, 2017
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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