The group met at the Richmond Rd house in East Meadow, then traveled to Cynthia Drive in the same town, continued to Abbey Lane and Greenvale Lane in Levittown, onto Arrow Lane and Blueberry Lane in Hicksville then to our Plainview, Bethpage and Farmingdale locations. Once again, the weather was great – warm and sunny and there was great joy and enthusiasm in the air! Thank you to Lou Matarazzo from Mario’s Bakery in Oceanside for the cupcakes he donated that made the parade ever sweeter for all the houses! Again, so many staff turned out in force and some even brought family members and pets. It was another celebration of the friendship and camaraderie that makes so many enjoying working together at CP Nassau. People truly care for one another and teamwork is the basis of the positive spirit that abounds and helps us carry out our mission.

Carolyn Madera, Coordinator at the Richmond Rd and McLean Ave said staff and residents were thrilled with the parade, sharing these comments:

Gerry said, “The weather felt great, and it was a good turn out and very nice.”

Susan was happy and commented, “It made me feel better, I wanted to hug everyone!”

Carol thought it was nice, and added, “ I missed them. “

Mike added, “ I really enjoyed it. “

Staff members also enjoyed every minute and had this to say:

Shirley,” Since I have not been at the center since March, it was so nice to see everyone, got a little emotional, everything turned out good.” Sharon and Diana both said it was awesome and they thoroughly enjoyed every aspect.

Thank you again to all who worked hard to organize the parade, all who participated and made the day so wonderful and memorable for all!