Assemblymember Gunther, the Assembly Mental Hygiene Committee Chair, has been circulating the letter below asking that Speaker Heastie include the $45 million to increase starting salaries of DSPs as an Assembly priority and include it in the Assembly’s one House budget proposal.  This is more important than ever as it appears clear that Governor Cuomo will not be providing the $45 million or any increases in his proposed OPWDD budget.


Assemblymember Gunther has 41 Assembly Democrats and 14 Assembly Republicans on the letter to date but has not heard from many including the Assembly members from Nassau County listed here:

Saladino,Lupinacci, Lavine, McKevitt, Hooper & Curran.
You can get phone numbers for them here:

We need every Assembly member to sign this letter. 

 Ask your Assembly member to BFair2DirectCare and call Assemblymember Gunther’s office (518) 455-5355 to sign the letter asking the Speaker to include the $45 million for DSPs in the Assembly budget and to make it an Assembly priority.

Please call before Tuesday, January 17th and Assembly member Gunther will follow-up on Tuesday when they are back in Albany and session.