history-header The year was 1945 and an ad in a community newspaper read “The Spastic Paralysis Society of Long Island will meet at Lynbrook High School. All those with similar problems are welcome to attend.”

Ten people showed up and marked the beginning of what today is known as the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Inc. This small group of parents had children with cerebral palsy, but little was known about the condition at that time and there was no appropriate education or treatment. Together, the families rented space, hired a teacher and a physician, and began a program which would ultimately receive international recognition for its innovative and outstanding services.

Meanwhile, a major fundraising campaign was launched to build a facility for the children. The building opened in 1952 thanks to many generous contributors and volunteers who donated construction services. This was the first comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation center for people with cerebral palsy. As its reputation grew, so did its clientele.

The association complex now sits on over 14 acres. Several wings were added to the original building in stages, an adapted swimming pool was built and an adapted outdoor recreation area was created. The current campus also includes The Lindner Pavilion offering extensive medical, dental and other outpatient services; an Adult Day Treatment Center, an inclusive day care center and a respite house.

Off campus, an intermediate care facility, a skilled nursing facility and many residences in the community form the expanding network of supports designed to foster maximum independence and productivity for each individual in the agency’s care.