Monday April 27th was an exciting day at CP Bayville, after enduring the “no visiting” policy due to COVID -19, the residents were getting ready to see their family and friends for the first time in over a month in a special way! The social workers at the residence had called families the week before to arrange “drive thru” visits.

Family and friends drove up to the front of the building one at a time. Many of them had signs on their cars and dropped off treats and gifts at the “no contact” drop off point. To maintain social distancing, visitors stayed in the car and the individuals stayed six feet away under the awning. CP Bayville staff helped the individuals put on masks and maintain the appropriate distance as they met with their loved ones.

Staff lined windows and doors to wave hello and see family and friends as they stopped by. Everyone was so happy to see each other; there were smiles and laughter all around. These visits will live on in the memory of the individuals, their families and friends and the staff at CP Bayville as a bright spot during this time of crisis.

Tara Mullen’s sister Jeanne Mullen, smiled and said “That visit was the brightest spot in a difficult time. Bayville staff are the bomb – we are enormously grateful!”

Katherine Antonucci’s sister Ann said, “It was very special and thoughtful”

Guardian, Gus Zafiritos “thank you very much. It was very nice to see Stephen and some of the staff”

Paul Vanacore smiled and said, “So happy to be joined again with my brother Robert. Can’t wait until we are all safe again.” Then Robert’s sister Maryann exclaimed “I will drive a million miles to see your smile.” Now that’s a sentiment that I think we all can agree with – what could be more wonderful than seeing the joy of our residents and their families unite, if only for a few minutes! Being together means the world! WHAT A DIFFERENCE THIS DAY MADE! Thank you to all who helped make it happen!